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. u.s. missiles light the mediterranean sky. operation odyssey dawn under way. a coalition of western and arab states are unleashing strikes on libyan targets right now. the allies' goal, the stop moammar gadhafi from butchering his own citizens to stay in power. tonight, he shows no signs of backing down. at least not yet. a spokesman for his embattled government calls the allied attack "barbaric." good evening, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we would like to welcome our viewers from around the world. this is a special edition of "the situation room," "target libya." but we begin with breaking news. cnn is live tonight across libya with what's going on. our senior international correspondent nic robertson is reporting from tripoli where sounds of attacks echoed through the night. and our correspondent arwa damon is with us, she's in benghazi where rebels have been trying to hold on to that city. let's get to both of them in just a moment. but first, in just the last hour, we've heard explosions and gunfire across tripoli. >> no word yet who exactly is behind it. it comes hours after
out much of libya's air defenses. strong and successful. that's how the u.s. defense secretary describes the operation so far. but he also sounds a warning. in benghazi, the rebels celebrate as the libyan military calls for an immediate cease-fire. allied forces say they'll wait and see if this time that promise is genuine. >>> good evening, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers watching on cnn networks around the world. this is a cnn special -- libya war. tonight we're live from five continents as we cover the military movements, the political back-and-forth and the diplomatic steps being taken against moammar gadhafi and his regime. here's what we know now. a senior official with coalition forces tells cnn allies targeted a building in moammar gadhafi's compound in tripoli because it was connected to the command and control of libyan troops. there's no indication colonel gadhafi was inside the building. strikes on the north african nation are to continue despite calls by the libyan government for a stop to the fighting. allies don't trust gadhafi's fo
states and around the world. u.s. officials will assess the damage done so far in libya following the start of "odyssey dawn." firing fresh shots against moammar gadhafi's regime. u.s. and uk forces followed suit with more than 100 cruise missile hits. moammar gadhafi is asking people around the world to stand by his rejeenlg. colonel gadhafi and his supporters call the coalition strike naked aggression by "bar bake ircrusaders." american, french and uk forces are enforcing a no-fly zone. u.s. president barack obama says the use of force was necessary but not the allies' first choice. explosions and anti-aircraft fire thundered in the skies above tripoli early sunday. it may have been part of another round of cruise missile attacks by allied forces, though that is still unclear. nic robertson was speaking with cnn's don lemon as it happened and here's part of their conversation just earlier. >> reporter: it's still going on at the moment. i'm going to get a little closer. yeah, you might be able to hear it now. >> we can, we can. let's listen a bit, nic. >> that's the sounds of he
this sunday morning with "operation odyssey dawn" well under way. french, u.s., and british coalition forces began hammering key libyan installations late on saturday to enforce a no-fly zone newly approved by the u.n. security council. responding to the fighter jets and cruise missiles, moammar gadhafi's defenses have been peppering libya's skies with anti-aircraft fire. here now the very latest. the pentagon saying that so far, more than 100 u.s. and british tomahawk cruise missiles have slammed into libyan targets aimed primarily at air defense systems. despite the ways of attacks libyan leader gadhafi remains defiant, condemning the coalition strikes and urging people around the world to aid in libya's defense. the british prime minister, david cameron, calls the allied effort against colonel gadhafi the right thing to do. britain's defense secretary says british fighter jets flew 4,800 kilometers from their base in southeastern england to their targets in libya. the country's longest bombing run since the 1982 falklands war. prime minister cameron says the uk's involvement is justified.
-fire declared on friday. u.s. joint chiefs chairman mike mullen says the u.n.'s no-fly zone is now in place. allied air strikes have done major damage according to another u.s. official. coalition planes are now patrolling the area to deter air attacks on civilians. the u.s., france and great britain have taken big roles in "operation odyssey dawn." italy, canada, spain, belgium, denmark, norway and qatar are also involved. >>> and cnn's nic robertson broke the news of the attack on gadhafi's compound. and we want to play what he and his crew captured on videotape without talking over it, and nic will update us on the other side. take a look. >> 10:30? 10:30. yeah. and those pictures from our nic robertson simply amazing. let's go to him now. nic? >> reporter: don, we were taken into moammar gadhafi's palace compound, a large secure area a couple of square miles. we were taken to a building, we could see the roof had been smashed, two big holes punched in it. we were told by cruise missiles. in fact, we were given some parts that were taken out of the building while we were there. this is a
denouncing their president hosni mubarak. egypt is a major beneficiary of u.s. foreign aid. the u.s. was in the awkward position of supporting the pro-democracy demonstrators without alienating a longtime ally. after weeks of bloody confrontations in tahrir square, longtime president mubarak stepped down. now to libya. click on it, and gives you the latest developments and everything you need to know. libya has become the focal point of this historic movement. rebels dwept into dozens of key cities until moammar gadhafi unleashed military forces on his own people and that prompted nato to get involved with strategic air strikes. this fever has now spread to syria. again, all of the information on bahrain, of course, on the map here and also in yemen as well. anything can happen. john? >> and truly important questions coming out of this, what's going to happen next and why is this happening? mohammed jamjoon is live in abu dab toe answer some of these questions. let's start with syria. it appears the arab awakening is there. president assad is facing a tough choice with viol
only one drop was successful. they said spent fuel reactor in four does have water. the u.s. government says the situation is much worse than the japanese government is saying. president obama spoke with the japanese prime minister promising additional help if needed. that's the latest information we have on the ground. our coverage continues. thanks for watching. i'll see you tomorrow. >>> tonight, nuclear nightmare. the u.s. government says a radiation leak at reactor number 4 at the fukushima plant is even worse than thought. shell-shocked japanese crowd into shelters wondering what's next. >> translator: i am deeply concerned that the current nuclear plant situation is critical. >> while a handful of heroic power plant reactors risk it all. >> translator: he indicated a serious situation. he told her to take care of herself because he won't be home for awhile. >> and my special report from the middle east. tonight's show comes from here, israel. what's extraordinary when you come here is the proximity of everything. to my right ramallah. to my left jerusalem. just a few
. president obama says gadhafi must go. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. >> now the tough questions. what's the end game? who is really in charge? what do we know about the rebels and what happens if gadhafi won't go? also tonight, another arab regime on the ropes. is yemen the next to fall? and in japan, new fears over radiation and the food supply. is the already desperate population at greater risk? this is a special live edition of "piers morgan tonight" from london. good evening. breaking news from libya and shocking video uploaded to youtube today. cnn cannot independently confirm details of when or where it was shot but it shows civilians on a street being bombed. watch the scene. extraordinary footage of civilians being bombed in misurata. some were heard shouting before the explosion hit. we don't know what happened to the people closest to the explosion or who caused it. we have dramatic new video taken in tripoli showing tracer fire over the city. there have been a series of bombardments from allied forces towards colonel gadhafi's forces. nic robertson is live
to be no letup in the fear that's gripping the disaster stricken nation. tokyo is now requesting help from the u.s. military in this emergency. we want to bring you all we know so far. japanese officials say part of a nuclear reactor containment vessel at the fukushima daiichi power plant may be damaged. they say a breach in the containment vessel in reactor number three may be what's caused a white cloud of smoke or steam to rise above the power plant. they can't confirm either way on that. now, already, there have been several explosions and fires at the plant since friday's massive earthquake and tsunami. workers have been trying to stop a nuclear meltdown by cooling those damaged reactors from which radiation has escaped. however, officials say workers have now suspended their operations, and have been evacuated. authorities also say radiation readings at fukushima daiichi have been fluctuating by the hour. the nuclear watch dogs say radiation briefly reached 167 times the average annual dose on tuesday. but japan's government said it quickly fell back to levels that pose no risks. even so, ev
and the u.s. the u.s. sent navy ships. it's helping with what president obama calls lift capacity, heavy lifting equipment. the u.s. sent supplies there. medvedev says workers have caused rescue workers. tie has has ahead it will to ask for more. red cross has 20,000 tents and other supplies to pass on to local red cross teams. if you'd like to help victims of the japan earthquake, find information at on that page, you will also find a link to google's people finder database that aim toes reunite those who were separated in the chaos, worked very well in haiti, and we'll continue to add information to this page. do stay with cnn for continuing coverage from japan. we'll keep you up to date as the story develops. viewers in the u.s. will now join piers morgan tonight already in progress and i'm becky anderson in london. ♪ in here, inventory can be taught to learn... so products get routed to where they're needed most. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... so they can tell headquarters when they need refilling. ♪ in here, money works smarter... so financ
there. we'll come back to andy in a moment. we're going to turn to japan's ambassador to the u.s. am passdor -- ambassador fujisaki. thanks for joining me on this terrible day for your country. can you tell me your understanding of the scale of this disaster in terms of people who have been wounded, possibly killed. >> thank you very much, mr. morgan, for giving me this opportunity. yes, this is the most terrible earthquake we've had. the largest ever was 1929 with 7.9 magnitude. now in japan, it's 8.8, in u.s. calculation, it's 8.9. but huge. anyway, the earthquake and death toll, it's increasing every hour. it's close to 100 now, and missing people are 700. and it's increasing, as well. so this is a terrible incident that has hit japan. >> ambassador, you obviously -- i'm sorry, after you. >> for example, in japan, six million households are out of electricity, that's more than 10% of total japan's households. >> that's absolutely staggering statistic. i mean obviously we're seeing these most appalling scenes. i don't think i've ever seen anything quite like this before. it looks a
in the united states, particularly in the central u.s. to practice the 100-year anniversary of the new madrid earthquake on april 28th, a u.s. earthquake exercise that focuses on personal preparedness. and i think this goes back to what they know in japan as with all of these types of hazards with earthquakes being a high hazard there, is citizen participation and preparedness adds to the ability of government to focus their response on the greatest needs while many people are able to take care of themselves that are not in this area of the greatest devastation. >> i want to bring in now dr. erwin redlander, director of the center for preparedness at columbia university. you heard what we just heard there from craig fugate. do you agree with him that we're in a relatively strong position in america? >> i agree with him that things have been improved since 9/11 and certainly since katrina. i should note that mr. fugate has added a tremendous amount of professionalism to fema. it's been absolutely tremendous. but my view of the world in terms of our ability here in the u.s. to respond to a disa
." good night. "piers morgan tonight" starts right now. >>> tonight, nuclear nightmare. the u.s. government says a radiation leak at reactor number 4 at the fukushima plant is even worse than thought. shell-shocked japanese crowd into shelters wondering what's next. >> translator: i am deeply concerned that the current nuclear plant situation is critical. >> while a handful of heroic power plant reactors risk it all. >> translator: he indicated a serious situation. he told her to take care of herself because he won't be home for awhile. >> and my special report from the middle east. tonight's show comes from here, israel. what's extraordinary when you come here is the proximity of everything. to my right ramallah. to my left jerusalem. just a few miles separating these feuding neighbors. even more extraordinarily this may well be the calmest place in the whole of the middle east right now with the rest of the region exploding in revolution. a perfect time to come here and debate the prospects for real peace. a lasting peace. i'll talk to tom friedman of "the new york times" and
to learn that tsunamis are a looming threat for the west coast of the u.s. >> the likelihood of having a tsunami here on our coast is one in seven chance in the next 50 years of having a tsunami. that's huge. >> dan cox is director of the lab at oregon state, a part of the national science foundation's network for earthquake engineering simulation. >> in the field they see the before and after. this allows us to see the during. a wave breaks off the coast. this is an aluminum wall and ale the phone pole after it hit a building. >> cox and his colleagues stepped up efforts. this brings us back to the surprise. when they pounded it with a tsunami, cox found if all the residents simply headed inland. >> the casualty was 1700. >> that startling death rate got him thinking about a different path to safety. >> the role of vertical evacuation. this means going up into a building or on to an earthen mound. you are much safer just by going up. >> when they added vertical evacuation to the test. >> you can see that the casualty count is really low. only 200 compared to the 1700. >> more importan
to ge get rid of him and the opposition needs continued military support, not a ground invasion by the u.s. or any other western power, but air support, all the way to tripoli, very few people want to die for gadhafi, so if we'll continue the model we have in place, following the rebels, knocking out tank and arrest tiltillerar will win and a lot of people will die unnecessarily. >> you have criticized president obama for taking too long. he made the point that he took 31 days to build this coalition where in bosnia it took a year. >> the opposition forced had gadhafi on the ropes and we did not impose a no fly zone where it would matter the most. we made mistakes in iraq, and to my fellow republican friends, nobody complained about the cost of iraq or afghanistan on our watch. i'm tired of hearing people talk about it cost too much. let me tell you about what it will cost if gadhafi comes back into power, instability forever, incredible oil price spikes. young people throughout the arab world thinking we let them down at a time we could help them. so the balance sheet of keeping him versu
program of the carnegie endowment and john rich, for the world nuclear association and former u.s. ambassador to the international atomic energy agency. let me start with you, ambassador. today the energy secretary, stephen chu, said that u.s. reactors are designed to withstand hurricanes and tsunamis, but given geologies' maximum predictions, is that actually enough? >> piers, i fully agree that there are important lessons to be learned from what has happened at fukushima. but i think it's crucially important that we learn the right lessons. we already knew that every nuclear power reactor needs a reliable post shoutdown cooling system. what we learned from fukushima is we need to look at every single nuclear power plant in the world and ask the question of whether that cooling system is secure against any radical event. >> let me ask a difficult question on that. as things stands given your knowledge of the nuclear power plants in america, how many of them would you think are able to withstands an earthquake of a magnitude we saw in japan? >> let's remember that the reactors in
what's happening on the ground, as you see the interviews with general hamm, the u.s. commander, africa commander, talk about this, clearly he's in charge right now. and presumably and everybody says will hand that off to a coalition, to nato, to be in charge at some point. secretary gates reiterated that again today. but in the meantime, it's -- its t -- it seems to be an awkward situation for the military. on the other hand, no-fly zones, that's something we've done before. again, that's the tactic. that's not the end game. that's not the strategy. and that has jet to be revealed, i think. >> finally, general myers, if you were running the armed forces in this operation, what would be the one thing you would want clarity on from president obama? >> well, i think any person in the military, certainly anybody in the modern military in the last couple of decades at the strategic level worries about mission creep, having an undefined mission and allowing it to creep. i understand that prettyem with, having been -- pretty well, having been around in iraq and afghanistan. admiral mullen i'm
, thank you very much. please stay safe there. >>> is the u.s. response to libya's civil war too little too late? joining me is general richard meyers, former chairman of the joint chiefs. and general mark kimmitt, former assistant secretary of state for political and military affairs. if i may start with you, general. it would seem that we are very, very close now to air strikes against gadhafi. is that your reading of what's going on? >> in reading the president's statement, i think for sure a no-fly zone and perhaps strikes against some of the libyan capabilities being used against the opposition, yes. i think that's what you read into it for sure. >> i'm going to play a very short clip here from what the president said today. >> the resolution that passed lays out very clear conditions that must be met. the united states, the united kingdom, france, and arab states agree that a cease-fire must be implemented immediately. let me be clear. these terms are not negotiable. these terms are not subject to negotiation. if gadhafi does not comply with the resolution, the international commu
in hong kong welcoming this hour, our viewers in the u.s. as around the world. well, there are also reports of more trouble at the nuclear plant in fukushima. japanese media are reporting the cooling system has stopped at one of the reactors there. let's get straight to stan grant. he is following that story from our tokyo bureau, and he joins us live now. stan? >> reporter: yeah, this continues to grow, doesn't it, andrew? this entire nuclear emergency. it seems to be one development after another. and none of them particularly good. we're hearing now about the number 2 reactor at the daiichi nuclear plant. this makes three of the reactors there, 1, 2, and 3 that are experiencing these cooling problems. now this information is being reported in japanese media and they're closing the nuclear safety agency. we have yet to hear directly from them. but we're hearing that the number 2 reactor is now having cooling problems. let me throw you back to a couple of hours ago. of course there was an explosion in the number 3 reactor. that was a hydrogen explosion in the outer building, which
: paula, we're with the u.s.-based los angeles county and fairfax county urban search and rescue teams and a british search and rescue team and on the load now in a convoy heading toward the city of okifunata on the coast hard hit by the earthquake and the tsunami. it's been a frustrating wait. took longer than anyone wanted it to but it was just because it's such a massive logistical haul and we had to pick up one team at dulles airport near washington fly to los angeles, pick up another then go to alaska then go to japan and meet up with the british teams and we're all kind of together now in this convoy heading toward the area and expect to be there in a couple of hours. >> now, it's not just an earthquake but a tsunami that hit these areas. what kind of special training or special equipment do the crews have to try to search the debris that you're going to encounter? >> reporter: well, they have some very unique training and capabilities. each member of this team has to basically train on his or her own, on their own time and take several different courses in several different spec
producers in hollywood. >>> now muammar gadhafi, the u.s. ambassador called him delusional. is he really that bad or mad? abc news' christiane amanpour landed the interview. another big scoop. it seems when the middle east leaders want to talk they talk to you, unfortunately, and not me. >> what can i say? here i am in the region, been here a long time covering this region. and i have in fact interviewed colonel gadhafi before. when i met him yesterday, when he came up to the restaurant where we were going to do the interview, he remembered that we had sat together and had an interview actually back in 1996. >> i'm going to play you a clip from your interview now and will come back and ask you what you made of it. >> they loved me -- all my people, they love me all. >> but if they do -- >> they will die to protect me, my people. no. no. some -- >> if you say they do love you, then why are they capturing benghazi and say they're against you there? why are they -- >> it is a guide, not my people. it is al qaeda. al qaeda. >> al qaeda. >> they come from outside. >> i mean it sounds to me, h
unrest in the arab world. it goes beyond libya. the u.n. and the u.s. are condemning the use of force against protesters in syria. witnesses report rioting in five cities. including the capital damascus, after anti-government activists proclaimed friday dignity day on facebook and called for demonstrations. there are unconfirmed reports of deaths and injuries. >>> in yemen, a state of emergency amid deadly clashes. medical officials said at least 40 people were killed when tens of thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with security forces in the capital. state television showed. >>> and there are reports, one that 100 people hurt, interior minister says there are casualties on both sides. >>> egyptians are heading to the polls right now for their first fully free election in decades. they'll vote on the constitutional amendments that are supposed to assist the military in the transition to democratic rule after president hosni mubarak. thousands gathered in cairo's tahrir square on friday. many said the amendments don't go far enough. >>> cnn's world reporter richard quest i
the japanese ambassador to the u.s. told our own wolf blitzer that he didn't know of any sort of meltdown. so we seem to be getting different variations of information. what can you tell us, to help clarify the situation? >> reporter: look, the information really has been open to wide interpretation and, of course, with this unfolding nuclear emergency, which is now into its second day since the quake knocked out the cooling system at the daiichi plant, this really is about how people see the events and how they interpret some of these factors. we've heard the word meltdown being used. we have heard partial meltdown, talking about the casing of the reactor melting. also talk about this cesium, which is a nuclear part cal which has seeped into the atmosphere. that normally is found restricted within the core of the reactor. the fact that that was zee tede the atmosphere gave rise to belief the casing of the reactor itself was being melted down. people are putting different weight on the events. you mentions the explosion that took place yesterday. also raised fear it was an explosion in the re
100 people. only one aircraft was down oed in that particular attack, one u.s. aircraft, and that's always been the symbol, that sculpture that you're seeing on the scene. and so clearly some p.r. work to use that as the picture, if you like, for moammar gadhafi's statement, assuming it is moammar gadhafi. aggressors, animals, criminals, tyrants, all tyrants fall under the pressure of the masses. those are the words, pretty much everything that we have heard on previous occasions in what sounds to be like it's going to be quite a long speech by moammar gadhafi. but he does say the people have been given weapons, all people have been given weapons, this will be hell, he says, and he called upon his own people to take part in what he's calling against the aggressives the new crusaders war. he then talks about how they will -- that the aggressors, referring to, of course, the allied forces, will not enjoy oil, we will continue to fight. that's moammar gadhafi, we believe, speaking. we be will back in just a moment. this is cnn. it takes knowing we have our work cut out for us. flying
session of the u.s. congress. and i said that the single greatest threat facing the world and my own country was the arming of iran with nuclear weapons. and since then what i've been trying to do is to alert the world and the leaders of the world that it's not merely our problem, that it's their problem because iran today is -- in afghanistan, it's in iraq, it's gotten control of lebanon. it's gotten control of half the palestinian society -- >> do they have weapons, do you think? >> it's working to get them. >> how close do you think they are? >> i think they're getting a lot closer. >> should they be transparent about their nuclear program? >> even to the extent that they are transparent, it's very clear what they're doing. they're -- they've enriched enough material now almost for three nuclear bombs. they industrial to reenrich it again, but that's what they're doing. they -- they're building long-range cbcs, icbms, they don't need to do that. >> what about the country that is arming itself to the teeth, possibly getting nuclear weapons, and you're its number-one target. what ar
. but tonight they're leaving aboard a new kind of aircraft, u.s. marine cargo planes. at least four expected to come through this airport evacuating egyptians back to cairo. more than 100,000 refugees, mostly migrant workers from around the world, from a variety of countries, have fled the fight in libya over the course of this crisis. and they were being evacuated back to bangladesh, the philippines, india, china, the largest contingent are egyptians. more than 1.5 million egyptians are believed to have been working in libya when this crisis erupted. the fear is that, as the fighting gets worse, libyan civilians will start to join the refugee population that is trying to flee moammar gadhafi's country. ivan watson, cnn, tunisia. >> for more information on the situation in libya, get updates on there, find all of the latest information. again, we're continuing to update that. obviously the situation is changing by the minute. >>> the man most fear in the former egyptian regime is on trial. he has pled not guilty to corruption charges outside of c
, as we are doing, having seized $33 billion already in u.s.-controlled banks of his assets. we will cut off his flow of mercenaries. we will provide political and humanitarian and other assistance to the opposition -- >> will you be arming the rebels, ambassador? >> we will -- as i was getting to, we will be providing political, humanitarian, other assistance to the opposition. we have not taken any decision to arm the opposition. we are still in the very early stage of working with them and getting to know them. >> ambassador, are you an active tweeter on twitter. what's your name on twitter? >> @ambassadorrice. >> what do you think where we have young, educated people using twitter and social networking means to spread the message from these countries in the way they perhaps wouldn't have been able to 10, 15 years ago? >> well, it certainly has dramatically changed the way that people can communicate with one another, rally one another, to common objectives. it's been interesting to see how the social media tools like twitter and facebook have been used differently in different con te
promising to hold gadhafi accountable and says the u.s. will not act alone. how much longer will the killing continue before the international community steps in? fighting in zawiya, west of tripoli. and two men about the options of the risks and new disturbing images of egypt alleging proof of torture, the highest levels of the egyptian government at the top of the hour, piers. >> thank you very much. >>> i'm back with howie mandel. >> enough about libya and gadhafi. you got howie. >> the big news. >> yes. there you go. >> we were talking about the slightly warped news values like charlie sheen and the showbiz shows and so on. is it warped? what life's like these days? >> sad statement on humanity and we all love a train wreck. you know? and that's basically what it is. it is sad. i heard lea mention before. i'm a parent and i look at him and think, this must be torturous for his family and family and the people that love him. horrible for the children. but the fact that we and i -- you're in television and the business. we have to show talk about it. show clips and mesmerized it. >> you ha
but tokyo again 373 kilometers away from the epicenter. ana? >> yeah, chrissy, just heard from the u.s. geological say that 18 aftershocks have occurred since that 8.9 quake shook japan, all of those aftershocks were 5.4 magnitude or above the strongest being 7.bon. go back out to rosemary church at cnn. >> thanks. we do want to recap you now on these tsunami disaster that's still unfolding in northwestern-eastern japan. it's too early to say how many people are missing, dead, or injured of course, that the point and although we heard a number there from authorities that the scope was perhaps around eight but fear here of course is that that number will unfortunately and sadly rise. an extremely powerful 8.9 quake struck. about 150 kilometers off of honshu province. that's an unprecedented quake for japan. used to many quakes but not of this magnitude when you're talking about 8.9 and there's been half a dozen or so serious aftershocks, some up to 6.8 so that's an earthquake in itself as an aftersnoung a tsunami, of course that great speeding wall of water slamming into the coastline t
. >> i don't think there is truth to the allegations. they have been engaged with the u.s. administration and proximity talks and direct talks. we offered proposals and inside and suggestions that until today we have not received a single response compromises we have made in 1988 when we accepted the establishment of the palestinian state in the west bank gaza and the capital. that's 22% of what used to be historic palestine they are resoring to the excuses not to confront the truth that there has to be an end to the occupation of the people. we are hearing the no partner slogan again. the same thing we heard when they were engaged with israelis i think they are all avoiding engaging the palestinians and reaching a solution to end the conflict. >> what do you think of his general view that hamas is simply not an organization and he can ever have anything to do with it? if you insist on putting representatives into government, they can't be a deal. >> this is an israeli viewpoint and hamas is a political force within the society. the palestinian president launched an initiative and we have
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